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Aug. 27th, 2012 07:28 pm
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NAME: Lily Ivory ([personal profile] vintage_magic)
CANON: The Witchcraft Mysteries
A demon-fighting, mystery-solving witch who runs a vintage clothing store and has a knack for magically sensing things from clothes.

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Have a note for Lily/Lilith? Leave it here!
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Name: Lady
Contact: the_embroideress@yahoo.com, embroideress on plurk
Are you over 17?: yes
Characters in Forest Covered: none


Name/Work Name: Lily Ivory/Lilith
Canon: The Witchcraft Mysteries
Canon Point: The end of book 4, In a Witch’s Wardrobe
AU/CRAU: Holly Heights CRAU (August 2014-November 2015)
Age: 33 (31 in canon plus 2 birthdays in Holly Heights)

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Have something you'd like to play out with Lily either in-game, in a meme, or in a musebox? Leave a comment here with your request! Or alternatively, PM me or contact me at [plurk.com profile] embroideress!
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Player: Lady
Age: 25+
Personal Journal: [personal profile] ladyofthethread
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] embroideress
Other Characters: n/a

Characters Name: Lily Ivory
Age: 31
Canon: The Witchcraft Mysteries
Canon Point: In a Witch’s Wardrobe (book 4), chapter 18. After being arrested for breaking into the Paramount Theater.
Species: Human
Gender: Female
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Aug. 4th, 2014 11:23 am
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Questions, comments, or concerns? Leave them here! Comments are screened.
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Lily Ivory | House #1421
Husband: Lezard Valeth
Child: Hajime Ichinose

Owner of The Witch's Wardrobe
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This is Lily Ivory and I can't come to the phone right now. Leave a message and I'll get back to y'all.

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Arrival: January 9
Canon Updates: February 2-8, March 13-16; May 31-June 4
Current Canon Point: In a Witch's Wardrobe (book 4), chapter 3

Residence: Casualty Communal, Apartment 9A (as of April 9); formerly Creeping Crypt, Apartment 3J
Employment: Owner of Yesterday's Magic (opened April 21) and Gardener at Shibusen City Park (started February 24)
Meister Ability: Soul Fashion Sense (The meister can sense moods, energy, and soul wavelength on articles of clothing upon contact. Works best when the meister can hold the garment for a minute while concentrating and works better on items worn often.)
Partner: Lezard Valeth
Group Affiliations: none

Age: 31
Height: 5’5”
Eyes: a winey purple
Hair: waist-length, dark brown, and wavy
(The novels mention Lily as having dark eyes and long straight dark brown hair customarily tied in a ponytail. But the covers always show her with loose wavy hair—which seems to get wavier and poofier with each cover!—and usually with purplish eyes. Although the books often describe her outfits because of the series’ vintage clothes theme, her physical appearance isn’t mentioned much. So, I just go with the cover appearances for that aspect since that’s what the very limited amount of art I have shows.)
Clothes: Lily wears vintage outfits a lot in canon, black or white when planning to cast a spell, and Keds in various colors are her usual footwear. In Death City, she has been mostly wearing old jeans and sweaters from thrift shops, partly for practicality (because of the gardener job) and partly to keep a low profile. She has acquired a few vintage dresses but doesn’t wear them as often as she would back home.

Other Miscellaneous Notes:
Despite leaving Texas over a decade ago, Lily still has an accent and twangs when she talks.

In canon, Lily was born without fingerprints due to a genetic condition and it has carried over to Death City. Other characters may note this if they ever talk to her in person and get a really close look at her fingertips.

Also, she is allergic to cats and will sneeze if around them.

Official Art:
(Larger versions can be found here on the author’s site.)
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backtagging: Definitely! I try to get to tags within a day or two and might boomerang once in a while if I have a chance but I also backtag a lot! Still tagging threads a month or two after they were first started isn't that uncommon since I generally try not to drop threads without winding them to some conclusion.
threadhopping: As long as it’s not filtered, closed, etc., I wouldn’t mind.
subjects to stay away from: Nothing in particular comes to mind.

flirting with this character: Sure. Although being 31, Lily is probably a bit old for the majority of characters seen in RP and most of the men that she’s attracted to in canon are in their 30’s. So, she probably wouldn’t consider flirting back unless your character was a guy and looked to be at least in their mid-20s. If she flirts back, it would most likely be awkward since she’s been a loner most of her life and hasn’t had much practice with relationships. And I’m lousy at writing romance.
touching this character: I’m fine with it. Response will vary depending on who it is and how.
hugging this character: This is fine! Lily’s friend Bronwyn was a hugger. Lily herself rarely hugs people though so if she gets hugged, she might just awkwardly stand there.
kissing this character: I’m okay with it but I’m going to warn it can lead to drastically different responses depending on the circumstances! There was one time when a demon temporarily possessed a good-looking guy and kissed her; the demon got a knee in the groin. And on the other end of the spectrum, there have been a couple of times in canon where there were guys she was attracted to and had known for a while. And they were in her apartment and kissed and maybe got a bit carried away and ended up in bed. ._.;; And then woke up the next morning to dancing clothes in the shop or rose petals all over the room due to sex magic. o_O;;; Oh, Lily, why is your love life so ridiculous? /facepalm
fighting this character: Verbal arguments are okay. Physical fights would need a reasoning and some discussion first. She fought mainly with magic back in canon and wasn’t really a physical fighter so I don’t see her getting into a fight without a good reason.
injuring this character: Please ask first. Considering that she keeps getting involved in murder investigations and fighting demons and evil witches in canon, I’m okay with her getting injured once in a while but would prefer to avoid stuff like permanent maiming or broken bones.
killing this character: No in cases of permanent death. Otherwise, ask first.
using telepathy on this character: Please ask first but I’d likely be okay with it. Lily’s been keeping secrets a lot and it would actually be helpful if some of it came out since there’s a lot she won’t talk about normally.
warnings: Lily grew up as a loner since the people of her hometown shunned her due to her abilities and never really had friends until she moved to San Francisco at the start of the series so she can be socially awkward. She also has trust issues. In particular, she can be distrustful of men due to bad experiences with them in canon, like her father walking out on her and her mother when she was still a baby or a male principal kicking her out of high school. She also can be sensitive on the subject of witches, especially if it’s negative, distorted portrayals of witches or people taking the historical witch hunts too lightly; she once lectured another character on how many tens of thousands of people were killed in the European witch hunts.
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Player Name: Lady of the Thread
Timezone: Eastern Time (GMT-4)
Personal Journal: [livejournal.com profile] ladyofthethread
Contact Information: AIM is AugusteR but I rarely use it; PMing through LJ works better
Current Characters: Kou Shuurei
Links to Activity Check: here
Beta-reader: N/A

Name: Lily Ivory
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Canon: The Witchcraft Mysteries (a mystery novel series by Juliet Blackwell. The 3 books so far are: Secondhand Spirits, A Cast-Off Coven, Hexes and Hemlines.)
Timeline: Canon updated 6/9/13 to: Book 4, chapter 3. A woman collapses at the Art Deco Ball and Lily discovers that her displaced soul is trapped in a mirror.
Near the end of book 2, chapter 22. At this time, Lily is climbing the bell tower stairs at the San Francisco School of Fine Arts and is about to exorcise the demon Sitri.
Canon updated 4/10/12 to: Near the end of book 2, chapter 23. Lily has just exorcised the demon and then has a confrontation with Jerry Becker's murderer at top of the bell tower stairs.

Canon updated 8/15/12 to: Book 3, chapter 27. Lily begins casting the Living Things in You spell in an attempt to reveal Malachi Zazi's murderer.

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